Friday, 24 June 2011

fab india vit e depigmentation cream review

After great reviews of fab india depigmentation cream, i was desperate in buying it andatlast bought it along with the fab india aloe under eye gel, tea masala and a cute bag too which i'll review later..he..he..)
now coming to review proper..


Cost: 275 INR

Directions for use: Wash and Cleanse face thoroughly . Gently smoothen on the face or affected area . For best results follow up with the sun screen lotion

Ingredients in Fab India Vitamin E De Pigmentation CreamWater, Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, Arbutin, Ascorbic Acid, Veegum, Vitamin E Acetate, Allantoin.

the fab india guys claim that its a cream that enhances whitening and removes dark spots and i totally agree..
ascorbic acid or vit c, vit e are both powerful anti oxidants ie they fight damage to our skin by various ways!
allantoin is known for regenerative property..
kojic acid effectively acts against melanocytes decreasing melaninn production!

i have been using this for almost 3 weeks now and i would like to say this is the most effective depigmentation cream i have ever used..i had used ponds, vaseline, olay, fair and lovely, nature esseence, biotique etc!
it actually completely erased a black post acne scar on my face which was there for years..

How i used it:
i used it twice everyday..first as soon as i get up after washing my face along with the under eye gel..i remove it before i go out..its there on my face only for 2 hours!
the next before sleep.
the cream might look a bit oily but on massaging properly , the oilinesss vanished;)

3.smells good break outs
5.vit e and c
6.there is a white plastic cover after the lid to prevent contamination!
7.huge quantity(i hav been using it for 3 weeks and almost 80% is still left)

nothing except the oiliness factor and the controversial kojic acid( am sure the kojic acid wont b a prob since it wud have been scrrened by our drug analysts and if it had been harmful extent, it wud have been banned)

its definitely worth a buy for people who would like to be fairer and sun and age spot free!

i'll rate it 8.5/10

i won bhumika's makari de suisse give away!!

am so happy to announce that i won bhumika's give aways...
thankoo bhumi!
i just cant wait to lay my hands on them and do a review..yippee!!
 can u see the care and effort taken in the packaging?its just awesome!
 and this purse string thingy, im in love with it!

here are the products...
will see u guys with this review shortly;)