Thursday, 21 July 2011

BEWARE: Streetwear's instant highlighter at their outlets!!!!

Streetwear's instant highlighter Review

Hello my dear ladies...
Hope you are all not in the terrible mood i'm, attributed to having bought this product(sum might like it though).
As i was strolling through the cosmetics outlets in search of nothing..;) sorry everything;))))))), i saw a golden and  a silver cute small package in the streetwear counter and  out of sheer curiosity , i went just near the counter and the SA's got hold of me, well probably, its written on my face that i'm addicted to make up..
It was the streetwear's instant highlighter that is available in silver and gold..
From the moment the article on how to highlight on IMBB, i have been crazy of highlighters and already bought colorbar's trace gold, revlon's skin highlights despite having revlon's age defying spa illuminator;)
So, the word 'highlighter' captivated me and since i'm dusky , I went for the gold one..
The SA zapplied it on me and since I was under the spell of 'highlighter" just saw the colour and bought it..
                                  can u see the cute little packaging that made me fall;?*(
Price: Around 160 INR

My experience with it;
Only on reaching home did i find out that this stupid highlighter has golden chunks that are really really huge!
And it had a roller ball for application and i seriously donno how to use with that;(

Leave it..I cant expect everything to be as subtle as revlon's age defying spa illuminator..
And one day evening when I was experimenting, I tried this highlighter and felt its okayish for nightwear and in a few minutes, i just accidentally saw me and i was looking like a disco ball..i mean it..the glitters have traveled all over my face;(((((
I guess I need not explain anything further;(
                                  one swipe with the roll on
                                  can u see the huge gold glitters dispersed and the worser

I rate it 2/10coz atleast its cheap...I'd have loathed myself had it been expensive!

I'm going to give this to my housemaid's little daughter  so that she'll enjoy it atleast!

Overall Verdict: This is a no no product as far as i'm concerned though people who like glitters might like it..or even kids ;p