Wednesday, 11 January 2012

MY NEW YEAR ELF HAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey buddies..
Am extremely sorry for having gone missing for a while coz of my trip to chennai  for my sis in law's wedding..i had great fun;)Hope u too had every fun in the world and my belated new year wishes...
I was just so so eager to see all those wonderful sales around Christmas and new year that i was unable to resist buying..but alas, fate of living in India means no access to all these lovely sales..So, i kinda pestered ma friend there , got his address and ordered and here I'am with the products as my friend happened to visit chennai within a week of receiving the parcel..lucky me, ain't I??
*smiles shyly*..
here are the pics for u guys to enjoy!!!
take care gals and stay tuned for my mac haul and reviews..