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All about oral contraception and YASMIN: the oral contraceptive pill in vogue!

Oral contraception & Review on yasmin-an oral contraceptive pill!
Ladies and gals..
I’m gona write about an ocp called yasmin..
Most of us would have used a pill in some part of our life, not only as a contraception,but also could be for menorrhagia(excessive bleeding), irregular or no periods or even for dysmenorrhia..
the other indications of ocp are:
1. treatment of severe acne
2. pre menstrual syndrome
4.irregular menses

And whats the most worrisome issue regarding using pills? gaining weight, rite?

I got married 6 months back and since both us are doctors were quite free to talk of contraception and as usual we decided on taking pills, ovral was my choice since it has the least amount of estrogen in it and is the most effective contraception available easily with the least of side effects..
Before I talk further, let me tell u about the advantages and disadvantages of pills

·         Highly effective reversible contraception. .
·         Menstrual cycle regulationReduce menstrual cramps. 
·          Decreased risk of iron deficiency (anemia).
·          Reduce the risk of ovarian cysts. ).
·         Protection against pelvic inflammatory disease.
·         Can improve acne.
·         Reduces the risk of symptomatic endometriosis. 
·          Improves fibrocystic breasts...
·         Helps prevent osteoporosis
·         Does not affect future fertility
·         Safe for many women.

·          Headaches. Headaches may start in women who have not previously had headaches, or can get worse in those who do.
·         Depression. Depression (sometimes severe) and other mood changes may occur.
·         Nausea and vomiting. This side effect usually goes away after the first few months of use or can be prevented by taking the pill with a meal.
·         Breast tenderness.
·         Breakthrough bleeding or spotting
·         Weight gain. Some women report slight weight gain. Weight gain is often caused by fluid retention or estrogen-induced fat deposits in the thighs, hips, and breasts the androgenic effects from the progestins
·         Chloasma (spotty darkening of the skin on the face).  I
·         nteractions. Birth control pills may not be as effective if you are taking certain medications. Some antibiotics, antifungals, anticonvulsants, herbs like St. John's Wort, can change the amount of the contraceptive hormones absorbed by the stomach and the metabolism of these hormones.
·         Not suitable for everyone. Some women should not take pills if they have specific health conditions, including some types of diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular disease. Women with risk factors for heart disease, such as those with high blood pressure or who are obese, are also at higher risk when on the Pill.
·         Sexually transmitted diseases. 
·          Must be taken every day. 
·         Very rare are side effects like heart attack, stroke, clots etc which are now obsolete due to very low content of estrogen and progesterone in current day pills!!

Gals now tell me the most dreaded of all, it’s the weight gain..
Am I rite? Atleast for me it was..i was surprised that my weight popped from 53 to 56 in 3 months…I went berserk but attributed it to post marriage elements,,but the weight started to raise for the next qmonth too and I found ovral to be the convict..
Then I wanted to try this yasmin[the newer ocp in the market

It has drospirenone which is also a mild anti androgen which will kind of make u more prettier, less oily, less pimple..if u know what I mean?( I don’t want to make it complicated)

Yasmin not only prevents pregnancy, but also helps with a wide range of menstrual and female puberty difficulties. One benefit of Yasmin is that it helps reduce the effects of menstruation. Many women have reported that they feel less moody during their menstrual cycle and that they experience less bloating and cramping. Yasmin also helps with female puberty difficulties such as mild acne. Yasmin has been shown to decrease breakouts in many women. Additional benefits for Yasmin include less water retention and less premenstrual weight gain..

Isn’t it cool?..
And gals, I have lost my weight , from 56.5 to a cook 54 in 3 months..without exercise or diet!!
And and…no pimples or break outs…
So I thot I will share with my fellas..
The only problems with yasmin I found is less availability and a bit expensive(around 350 INR where as ovral was 85 INR) .
But its worth it.
I also want to warn u guys that some ladies have reported weight gain with it..wats the big deal yaar, any ocp will..but if its gona work on u, why not try..
Always consult a gynec before using it, and ladies above 35( as i have mentioned before that there is an increased tendency for increased blood clotting in any pills but its slightly higher than the conventional pills in yasmin;(( ), its better to avoid it pleeease!
I’ll rate it 4/5

For all gals who are on pills either for contraceptipon or PCOS, ormenstrual problems, yasmin is a good choice, provided u get ur gynec u all...

And yes i want to know, if u want health issues like this being discussed in my blog..please say so!

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Thursday, 21 July 2011

BEWARE: Streetwear's instant highlighter at their outlets!!!!

Streetwear's instant highlighter Review

Hello my dear ladies...
Hope you are all not in the terrible mood i'm, attributed to having bought this product(sum might like it though).
As i was strolling through the cosmetics outlets in search of nothing..;) sorry everything;))))))), i saw a golden and  a silver cute small package in the streetwear counter and  out of sheer curiosity , i went just near the counter and the SA's got hold of me, well probably, its written on my face that i'm addicted to make up..
It was the streetwear's instant highlighter that is available in silver and gold..
From the moment the article on how to highlight on IMBB, i have been crazy of highlighters and already bought colorbar's trace gold, revlon's skin highlights despite having revlon's age defying spa illuminator;)
So, the word 'highlighter' captivated me and since i'm dusky , I went for the gold one..
The SA zapplied it on me and since I was under the spell of 'highlighter" just saw the colour and bought it..
                                  can u see the cute little packaging that made me fall;?*(
Price: Around 160 INR

My experience with it;
Only on reaching home did i find out that this stupid highlighter has golden chunks that are really really huge!
And it had a roller ball for application and i seriously donno how to use with that;(

Leave it..I cant expect everything to be as subtle as revlon's age defying spa illuminator..
And one day evening when I was experimenting, I tried this highlighter and felt its okayish for nightwear and in a few minutes, i just accidentally saw me and i was looking like a disco ball..i mean it..the glitters have traveled all over my face;(((((
I guess I need not explain anything further;(
                                  one swipe with the roll on
                                  can u see the huge gold glitters dispersed and the worser

I rate it 2/10coz atleast its cheap...I'd have loathed myself had it been expensive!

I'm going to give this to my housemaid's little daughter  so that she'll enjoy it atleast!

Overall Verdict: This is a no no product as far as i'm concerned though people who like glitters might like it..or even kids ;p

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I'm totally ecstatic ...euphoric ..he..he..
My sweet little friend from maybelline's beauty brigade awarded me a cute award...
*happy dancing*
Thanx a lot made me feel happy with this surprise gift;)
The rules of having got this award are 

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you:

 I thank Rids for the award 

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself:

I love studying;) that too medicine..he..he..i developed it lately!

I'm short tempered especially in humid weather

I just love love cosmetics and talking about them..If anyone wana gift me, please gift me the same~

I guess i have bulimia nervosa..i'm slim but still feel i'm fat and try to avoid food for a few days later do binge eating.

I'm addicted to coffee and chocolates too to a lesser extent

I hate loneliness ;)

I hate shabby kitchen and i mean i DON'T cook if i dont like the kitchen..yaa!

3. Answer the following questions:

Name your favorite color: Blue

 Name your favorite song:  Justin bieber's baby

 Name your favorite dessert: Gulab Jamun

 What is pissing you off?: Not knowing proper hindi..i mean i understand hindi and i seriously cannot talk back properly and end up saying 'tum' for 'aap' and get blasted by the senior doctors;(

 When you’re upset, you?: write about what makes me upset

 Your favorite pet:  Fish( its a pet rite?)

 Black or White? : of course black!

 Your biggest fear?:  my forecoming AIIMS and AIPGE

 My best feature is: My eyes.

 Everyday attitude: am the best;)

What perfection is: anything that gives self satisfaction

 Guilty pleasure:  cappuccino, toblerone, ferrero rocher, chicken biriyani and french fries;)

4. Award 15 blogs: 

And i pass this award to....

Shivani from Shivani's makeup blog 

Ankita from Corallista

Vinita from Bold with Bows

All these blogs are love;y and do visit them!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

QVS bath gloves review!

Hellooooooooooo ladies..
hope u r all set to face the lovely weekend approaching..fine, its still wednesday but i hav already started expecting the weekend for its goin to b in chennai where i'll be shopping with my mother..yay!
I wanted to talk to u today about this bath gloves by qvs...
I'm an ardent fan of the TBS bath gloves from my teens;)
I just love to use it with my palmolive bath washes which my dad buys for me from colombo...nostalgic;)
But since im now in Allahabd with my man, i was so disappointed since i could find no TBS shops here and my bath glove is already 6 months old;)
Then one day when i was shopping in Maya, i saw this entire set of bath and beauty accessories collection of QVS, I was in my 7th heaven and got myself this crossing that its as good as TBS..
I was even more surprised to see that its just 175 INR compared to 275 of TBS;)))

My take on the product:
It is an absolutely amazing bath product on par or even better thab TBS and is just of the balanced consistency between over scrubing and under scrubbing and am totally  in love with this..
It gives ma perfectly clean and awake feel everytime i use it and i use it with palmolive thermal spa body wash..
Am literally dancing around for having found this one for the fact that its better and cheaper than TBS..

How I use it:
I wash it off with warm water after every use and sun dry as mentioned and once a week, i soak it in dettol hand wash for 30 minutes and wash it off and sun dry it;)

Squeaky clean
Easy to use
One size fits all

Their website is :
the qvs website doesnt give any detail about this;(