Thursday, 14 July 2011


I'm totally ecstatic ...euphoric ..he..he..
My sweet little friend from maybelline's beauty brigade awarded me a cute award...
*happy dancing*
Thanx a lot made me feel happy with this surprise gift;)
The rules of having got this award are 

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you:

 I thank Rids for the award 

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself:

I love studying;) that too medicine..he..he..i developed it lately!

I'm short tempered especially in humid weather

I just love love cosmetics and talking about them..If anyone wana gift me, please gift me the same~

I guess i have bulimia nervosa..i'm slim but still feel i'm fat and try to avoid food for a few days later do binge eating.

I'm addicted to coffee and chocolates too to a lesser extent

I hate loneliness ;)

I hate shabby kitchen and i mean i DON'T cook if i dont like the kitchen..yaa!

3. Answer the following questions:

Name your favorite color: Blue

 Name your favorite song:  Justin bieber's baby

 Name your favorite dessert: Gulab Jamun

 What is pissing you off?: Not knowing proper hindi..i mean i understand hindi and i seriously cannot talk back properly and end up saying 'tum' for 'aap' and get blasted by the senior doctors;(

 When you’re upset, you?: write about what makes me upset

 Your favorite pet:  Fish( its a pet rite?)

 Black or White? : of course black!

 Your biggest fear?:  my forecoming AIIMS and AIPGE

 My best feature is: My eyes.

 Everyday attitude: am the best;)

What perfection is: anything that gives self satisfaction

 Guilty pleasure:  cappuccino, toblerone, ferrero rocher, chicken biriyani and french fries;)

4. Award 15 blogs: 

And i pass this award to....

Shivani from Shivani's makeup blog 

Ankita from Corallista

Vinita from Bold with Bows

All these blogs are love;y and do visit them!


I would just love to hear from you..may be we will make great friends!