Sunday, 21 August 2011

L’Oréal Contour Khol - Jet Black 131 Review!

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As indians, we have a dual obsession over kohls..the two being culture and beauty sake...
As a child i always grew up to believe that kohl makes me as prettier as thestars on TV..phew;-)
Even now I'm fascinatedc by the elegance and attraction it adds to one's personality..
But, as we all know, its a double edged sword...u look beautiful as u apply it but can end up panda eyed when it smudges especicially in this humid hot indian climate..eww;(
So i hav been eternally hunting for an eye kohl that is jet black, can be used on waterline and on the lids, smudge proof..etc..etc..too much to expect naaa?
But one day, i found this beauty,L’Oréal Contour Kohl - Jet Black 131, and gals, am not at all disappointed!



With its new innovative formula combining oil and wax, Contour Khôl softly glides over the eyelid allowing you to achieve a long-lasting and intense colour result.
You can use Contour Khôl on the inside or outside of the eyelid to draw attention to your eyes and achieve a long-lasting and intense colour result.

My opinion:

It definitely lives upto its claims...jet black as the name, the pencil is sharpenable, glides on like a dream, is not too fragile to break on sharpening, stays for a good 3-4 hours without smudging or disappearing and with the same intensty as it was when applied..


  • jet black
  • smudge proof
  • water resistant
  • use inside and outside the waterline;P
  • removed easily with any standard make up  remover
  • a variety of colors available
  • reasonable price;)
  • ophthalmologically tested


might smudge after vigorous rubbing or after aroung 4 hours in an oily lid like mine

                                           jet black, isn't it, in varying thickness but one swipe each
Final Verdict: 

I rate it a 7.5 on 10

khol lovers, what are you waiting for...go grab it for, you'll not regreat a bit;)
link to the website:


  1. I am surely gonna check this out if its smudge proof..:)

  2. hi is mudge proof for 4 hours and if u don rub ur eyes;)

  3. i dont think this one will come handy for me :)

  4. why honey? r u too oily lided like me?

  5. almost, but not that, for guys these stuff will be of no use na? :P


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