Thursday, 11 August 2011

NYX round lipstick in Tea rose and its close dupe;)

Hiiiiiiiii all..
Hope u r all eagerly awaiting the weekend just like me;P
I recently bought some lipsticks and wanted to review them for u guys!
One of them is the most hyped lipstick among bloggers: nyx tea rose..
As we all know that all nyx lipsticks are well known for its creaminess, full coverage and moisturisation, this one is no less too..


  • creamy
  • moisturising
  • I guess it will give full coverage for people with pigmented lips
  • Great number of shades
  • Tea rose is a beautiful rose which will suit fair and medium skinned..

in artificial light(above)

                                                  swatches in day light         

poor staying power( 3-4 hours) which is not a problem with me;)))

Overall, its a great lipstick to invest in..
And if u gals are not aware, these lipsticks are available on with free shipping and COD..
Great isn't it?

My take:

It is a must have...i'll say MUST HAVE in all fair and wheatish gal's vanity case..

And now for the dupe, gals..
Oriflame's vintage rose is almost the same shade as that of tea rose,..
when u see separately, vintage rose may look a tad darker but on my lips, they are almost the same..
also, its not as creamy as nyx tea rose and needs 2 or 3 swipes to get the same color and full coverage..

Now, lets see the swatches....
                     oriflame vintage rose  swatched twice above and nyx tea rose with just one swatch below

                                           (1st pic; artificial light, 2nd one: natural light)
Nyx :R, Oriflame:L

Pretty close, aren't they?
So, if u cannot access tea rose, go in for vintage rose..he...he...
Tke care girlies;)))


  1. ya its quite similar fahee..u knw MAC's fanfare also looks a little its like differnt lighting shows different color na..

  2. hi bhumi....thanx for commenting ..tru, different lights shows different color, yet both r quite the same...
    MAC fanfare is it?thanx for letting me know..take care

  3. ooyyee hoyyee love the colorrr.............

  4. I love Nyx tea rose like anything!! Or lyk nothing I could ever love the same way :P Frankly, this is the only Nyx product I have *sheepish grin* It's just awesome! I hope to build on my Nyx collection soon!! Nice review Fahee! :)

  5. THANX FOR COMMENTING...he..he..its my only nyx too...lets hhope, we bui;d our nyx empire sooooooooooooooon

  6. not quite my cup of tea...
    but some others seemed to have enjoyed...

    nice work Doc


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