Thursday, 15 September 2011

The compact competition...And the winner is.......

hope u r all doing great..
Being an oily skinned gal life long and recently turning combi skinned( duno if its coz i'm growing older,entering 25 in a few months;p or the pathetic weather of allahabad), compact has been my staple beauty product...
At every moment of my life, i'll have atleast 8 compacts in differing shades and companies and countries...
Let me name u the current beauties i have..
I could foto only these since i had to do it quickly to prevent embarassment;p(willl tell u gals later)

lakme flawless matte
lakme perferct radiance
lakme radiance
janet's compact(from colombo)
constance carroll compact( an english product)
revlon touch and glow compact
colorbar compact
maybelline whitestay uv
nyx twin cake
lotus pure radiance
faces compact..
Fine, i could remember only these for now....
I have not tried any mac compacts ,remember!!!


i wanted to do a detailed review for which it may take a few days ..But i couldn't wait to tell  u all about this chweet discovery i had made!!

stay tuned for the review gals...

Please do comment what u think is the best too!!!It would help me and us a lot..


take care!!


  1. fahee u r a compact girl for sure !!!
    even i too love compacts a lot.
    I have used 5 of the above mentioned compacts. plus bourjois compact,loreal true match compact too
    and have nt used MAC at all !!!
    to me the best one is lakme perfect radiance and worst ,I mean my all time regretbuy is maybelline whiy=testay.
    I would rather live without a compact if I have only maybelline white stay as option.
    thats the worst compact I have used in my life !!!

  2. nice post and i love lakme compacts coz they work for me the best, how much is the revlon one>??

  3. i have seen it around but never tried

  4. hiya faheema ... where had u disappeared... I hv not tried revlon compact yyet... waiting for yr review...

  5. @mitha:he..he..really;p..join the club with me..the world of we dear
    @ponn(SSG):its 390 inr and worth every penny..try it for sure
    @zatz: get it gal:i bet you'll love it
    @rids: got a bit busy do u do?yap, wilol review shortly

  6. @fahee: wow!!i luv Revlon compact,they r jes sooooo gud fr d price...yo cud also find 't in my blog...

    follow'n u!!!

  7. @sunaa: thanx a lot gal....yep revlon stuffs are usually just so great

  8. OMG !! so manyy..revlon winner haan..wud wait for ur review..:)

  9. @ bhumi: am compact crazy bhumi;p
    will review shortly;)

  10. I have lakme perfect radiance and i find it good.
    I haven't tried this revlon touch and glow moisturizing compact,waiting for the it's review dear. :)

  11. and...i forgot to tell you am your new follower.

    Hope you check out my blog too..

  12. @vertu:thanx a lot dear..sure will review soon...
    will surely chec ur blog too

  13. thats not too old ok?
    after all, all these products are always handy nha?

  14. Revlon touch and glow is th only compact I liked among wat i tried [i sweat alot, so most compacts bcom runny on my fac or appears chalky] Rvlon is good, but it breaks me out. vn i use it for 1 day, nxt day m having pimples :((
    Have to try lakme. Once trid, but the store agnt was giving me wrong shades and i didnt want to risk

  15. hey..thanks for commenting and agreeeing sd


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