Friday, 28 October 2011

Guess what, these beautiies are natural pigments!!!(with the answer)

hello gals......
long time, no a bit busy with organising a party here which i'll later tell you about..
In the mean time, food for thought...
Will u believe if i say that these swatches are from eye shadows that are naturally extracted, non allergenic with no fall outs and great staying power and so damn economic!!
wait for a while for me to divulge what  they are;p

yep..dear bhumika ia right..they are mineral eye shadows from nature's brilliance by sue..sure check this website for natural, lovely eye shadows and a lot more at economic rates and cheap shipping;p
here is the link


  1. Nature's Brilliance by Sue na..pretty shades..:)

  2. Lovely briliant colors and very good pigmentation...
    Don't keep us waiting, what are they??? :)
    Check out my 'Biotique Skin Care + Lots more' GIVEAWAY


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