Monday, 25 April 2011

tips and toes dual blush review and swatches


now lemme tell u this crazy truth...

until i finished my college, i had no idea on make up....

i mean i had no time for make up per say being a medic student...

but even then i was into beauty products not cosmetics....i was the [person most inquisitive on questioning our derm ma'm;))

but my cosmetic sense grew only with wise

if my derm knowledge can be attributed to my der prof and ooks, my cosmetic knowledge(not much, a learning kid till now) is completely atributed to blogging..

till recently i was thinking that blush is a no no to my kinda yellowish brown skin until i read few articles online and decided to buy one..

few days bac i was in chennai when a SA convinced me to buy this tips and toes new launch blush called dual blush and it was just 250 odd and i thot i'll try it..

u can see the swatches and the pics..

this particular shade duo is called autumn...


very very mildshimmer ,so can use for office wear..

stays a healthy 4-5 hours

this colour suits my complexion and i get complemented wenever i wear it

4.5 g for 250 odd, thot that was cheap:)

two shades to try CONTOURING;))))

travel friendly

cute mirror too

lovely packaging


very short brush, phew;(

i dono anything else to comment on, may be coz im inexperienced with blushes

if not opting for contouring ,the other color is a waste

thats all..ceao:-)

note: this is like my first kinda post and m a newbie..please excuse ma mistakes..pleeeeeeease:-)


  1. hey, i love tips and toes there products are great specially if youre new to make up

    you should try their skin care if you are interested in derm :)


    their website
    hehehe ;)

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