Saturday, 21 May 2011

OLD IS GOLD:anti hairfall treatment at INR 99!

hi gals....
i have an extremely frizzy curly hair and i'm in search of conjditioners eternally that is anti frizz and antihairfall..the bestest i've ever used is VO5 blue bottle , the name of which i don remember;) and wella sp smoothen shampoos and conditioners
..i had tried everything..loreal..revlon...dove...wella...but  either nothing was very good for the price given or unavailable ..
last week wen i was shopping, i saw this conditioner close to loreal total repair 5 which i'm curently using and just checked the ingredients and the price.. was priced at INR 99 and claims to protect against hairfall??? that too with yoghurt , ginseng and soya protein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so i thought i'd buy it just to see how it is...

i used it only with the loreal total repair shampoo first and wow..there was a re,markable change in my curls..they were so silky and smooth that even my guy noticed it ... no one talks of sunsilk just because it is an old product but wake up gals, there are good products in this range too tho i donno abt other ranges...

this procduct claims to nourish condition and reinforce hair from root to the tips and it surely does doubt at all..

will i buy it agasin??
yes..thats for will be my daily conditioner as its enrivched, considerably reduces hairfall and gives a smooth finish..
i even use it without shampooing on most days as its better to shampoo ur hair only 3 days per week...

this product is certainly worth a buy!!!!!!!!!!!

will rate it 8.5/10...


  1. I love the shampoo too!!!!

    When I use it I dont even need conditioner!

    My hair feels and smells soo good!!

    Im having a giveaway on my blog do enter :)

  2. i'll vinita!!the product is really awesome!!


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