Monday, 26 September 2011

FACES CREME MATTE LIP GLOSS IN( sob;(((..sob...) DUSKY BEIGE: review..

hey guys!!!!
Hope u r all enjoying ur sorry, how can sum one enjoy mondays;p..fine some might;p
today am reviewing a product, the only product i have from faces canada, till date that i loathe..
without blabbering,lets move on to the review!

Price: : 399 INR

my view on the product:
I bought this thinyg from fashion and you and this is the worst choice i had ever made ;p
not that the product is bad, but the color is not just right on me...All the qualities, package etc etc are just pakka just like any other faces if u like the color, go buy it..
I dint find a swatch, so just ordered the color blindly on F n U...


  • matte matte matte
  • long stay 5-6 hours
  • despite being matte,it doesnt dry your lips
  • pretty doe foot applicator
  • highly pigmented
  • non transferrable..;)))a hi 5 for it;))


  • gloss lovers will not love it
  • i doesn't suit me(he he he e..i know its unfair to put it here, but just for the zest of it, i did  ;p)

Overall verdict:

i dunno but i dont like it..its the same color that is between  my lips and my face ,when its red!!..doesnt lok good on if u r a dusky skinned beauty, don't buy it..fair and reallllllllllly fair gals, this shade is ur cup of cake..but i just cant wait to lay my hands on the other colors

I would rate it a 9/10 as a product but a 2/10 on me;(((((((((((((((((((
(but what will the poor thing do..its my bad selection;(()


  1. but the color looks nice on a nice nude shade..

  2. aray y u don't like it ?? its such a nice nude shade?? ?

  3. is it like maybelline stay glam lip colours ? they too are matte and long staying

  4. @ parudude: thanx a lot dear
    bhumi: thanks bhumi..but it kinda makes me kook if my lips are dry kinda;))
    @ rids: hi rids..he..he..dunno why egjactly but don like it
    @ rekha: thanx a ton dear
    @ vijayta: i dunno vijayta but these r really good ones, only that i don like this shade!


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