Saturday, 24 September 2011

My favourite peach blush:FACES Cosmetics Mineral blush pink topaz review!

hi gals...
hope u are all enjoying ur weekends..
now, i wana do a kutti review on the recent faces products i purchased;)..i have bought so many faces products and am absolutely loving each one of them..their products till datehave never ever disappointed me!!
moving on to the it will be,
FACES mineral blush in PINK TOPAZ:

price: somewhere near 400 INR

My view on the product:
now, this one is my current most favorite blush;)
its actually a pinky peachy colr with subtle shimmers that adds a great spark on you..i really really mean it makes u look more if u r an love love it


  • lasts long6-8 hours
  • beautiful color
  • its mineral gals
  • sturdy packaging
  • comes with a quality mirror and a brush

cons: nil

Overall verdict..

Just 2 words...BUY IT...errr...if it suits ur skin tone;p

i'd rate it a 9.5/10



  1. nice shade,,my street wear blush is the same color( i think soooo..)

  2. hey thanx paru..i dont own any street wear blushes..will chec them next r they?

  3. I have this one and I would say, somehow the beautiful color never shows up in any photo whatever good cam we use. It's too beautiful
    Surely it would suit you the best!!

  4. i was deciding on it the other day, i'll go ahead now. following you btw now :)

  5. @ bhumi: thanks bhumi...try it..u'll lub it;)
    @ nivedity:thanks honey..really..still dint take a pic of me wearing it...
    @vanity: thanx for following gal...get it, u'll not regret!!


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